Our company was founded in 1988 by "Tunca Teknik Makine Ltd." Şti ”. Our main / foundation field of activity is "Industrial Belt & Conveyor Belt" technologies. In this field of activity, we offer products and services to the Food, Automotive, Wood Industry, Tobacco Processing, Textile, Machinery manufacturing, Packaging sectors.
In addition to our first area of activity "Industrial Belt & Conveyor Belt" technologies, , we continue our growth by adding tecnical service, consumable and spare parts supply services of Pattern Design (CAD) and Cutting room (CAM) CNC machine systems needed by the Automotive and Textile Apparel sectors. In 1995, we renewed our company structure as "Tunca Teknik Makine San. Tic. A.S." 
In 2006, we moved all our activities and our General Management Center located at Fomara, Gazcılar and DOSAB addresses to our facility with 3600 m2 closed area in NOSAB. In this facility we continued; Conveyor Technology Products, Production of industrial marker and plotter papers used in the apparel industry.In addition to this facility, we started the production of PE Film (Shrink, Bag, Vacuum Nylon etc.) products in our other facility with a closed area of ​​1200 m2 in NOSAB.
For Automotive, Apparel, Medical, Furniture sectors; In-Vehicle Covers (Seat, Seat, Back, Headrest, Armrest, Gear Bellows etc.) cutting and sewing process, Disposable Vehicle Covers (Seat, Bonnet, Body Cover etc.) cutting and sewing process, Upholstery fabric cutting and sewing process used in the furniture industry, In-car carpet trim cutting and sewing process, Production of disposable surgical masks, covers, gowns, overalls, surgery sets, Blankets, shawls, etc. made of fleece material. product cutting process, Cutting process of composite materials (Fiber, Sponge, Felt, PVC, Eva Sponge, Plexi Glass, etc.), we started with establishing "TUNCA KESIM OTOMASYON MEDİKAL TEKSTİL L.T.D. Ş.T.İ."company as one of a TUNCA Group companies.
We started our production of vehicle protection covers made of disposable Non-Woven fabric demanded by OEM and Tier1 companies in the automotive sector, in our production facility with a closed area of ​​1680 m2 in Gemlik Free Zone, within our TUNCA EKSPORT company. During this period, our company intensified its activities in the automotive sector and started to export a large amount. In order to fully meet the expectations of our export automotive customers, our company successfully completed the ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 quality management system certification and process audit of our customers.
In our facility with a total closed area of ​​1600 m2 in NOSAB in 2012, BURSATEK A.Ş. We started our activities under the name of the firm. In this facility, we continued the production of industrial marker and plotter papers used in the apparel industry by increasing our capacity and renewing our machine park. We started to export to 20 countries by opening the foreign market for these products.
We started our activities in HOSAB in 2014 in our facility with a total closed area of ​​6000 m2. In this facility; Industrial underlayers and plotter papers used in the apparel industry, PE Film (Shrink, Bag, Vacuum Nylon etc.), Industrial Belt & Conveyor Belt technologies, Cutting process of all kinds of fabrics and composite materials used in the automotive and apparel industries, We continued our operations by increasing our production capacity and renewing our machine park.
All our activities that we have been continuing since our establishment; Headquarters Management and Production in NOSAB Organized Industrial Zone, in a closed area of ​​4600 m2, Management and Production in 6.000 m2 closed area in HOSAB Organized Industrial Zone, Production in 1680 m2 closed area in Gemlik Free Zone, Sales and marketing branches in Istanbul, Izmir, Inegol and Corlu, we continue our development in order to be able to provide the best service to our domestic and export customers in many different Production and Service fields of activity with its valuable team members approaching 250 people in total.